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“Wow, life is beautiful!”

Live, indeed is beautiful Peter. Right here, now.

Ignorance & pride get in the way

Our new dog, Maggie, is on my lap. I sit here, relaxed, thoughts flowing. When she looks up at me it’s impossible to resist picking her up and having a cuddle. Time passes. The only time is now. I relax. She is stunning. At 12 weeks she is a still little puppy. She viewed is of warmth, love and joy. She trusts completing. Judges no one, least of all herself! She is cute for sure, but it’s her purity, her essence that captures me; completely. Wow, she is beautiful.

I must be thick! Time and again my body, the people around me, and all sorts of circumstances have thrown out bleeding obvious hints at me. “Take your time. Care for yourself. Look around, the world is beautiful.”

The events of the past three months have made me evaluate, stop & reflect. I have had time – time to really see…

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About Di from the Y

Dianne McDonald is Executive Manager of Communications with YMCA Australia, and a parent of two primary school aged children, one with additional needs (Asperger Syndrome). She has a strong interest in sharing life's learnings with others.


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